good morning beauties + good restaurants

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Good morning beauties!

The good weather saga continues, but as you know today it's only on my window cause I have to study.
But I think I might go out to drink a coffee with my cousin (HEEEEYYY).

If you're in Lisbon and don't have nothing to do I'm gonna left here some places where you can go out to eat something.

- Cascas at Cascais, it's near the beach and they have good food.
- Hamburgaria do Bairro, a place where you can eat very perry merry good burgers.
- BellaLisa at Elevador de Santa Justa, the entrace it's made by the Largo do Carmo, it's an Italian restaurant (a little bit more expensive then the other's that I mention). But the view it's AMAZING you can see the Rossio and the Castle...


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