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 Hello blog World!
A random post, but still needed to share with you.
One of the things that I don't like live without it is coffee, or tea. And back at home I have my travel mug, but of course I forgot to bring it to Poland so I bought a new one (well, travel mugs are never to much).

This one is from DUKA, and DUKA it's a brand of kitchen supplies (if I'm right). Actually I've never heard about it until the day I got here.

What do I have to tell about the travel mug?
OMG! Best thing I have ever bought, the first day I use it I decided to make a test to see how long will my tea be warm inside of it in a normal basic day for me... and do you want to know the answer?
Around 7 hours!!!! 7 hours!!!! Warm tea for 7 hours, AMAZING!
Not only that, but the fact that it's also a pretty cute travel mug, black matte and grey.
The price of it was 69.99zl that is more or less 15,80€

Did you ever bought anything for DUKA? Any thoughts?

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