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Hello blog World!

Here we are again!
I've been in Gdansk a few weeks ago but it's never to late to share with you such amazing cities and places there I went during my stay here in Gliwice, Poland.
Still have other cities to share, but... We have time!

Gdansk, for me (at least so far) it's the prettiest city that I went in Poland. Somehow looks like you have been transported to an amazing place, I think because of the architecture, the river, the streets I don't know. And then I just love taking pictures when the weather is bad, like gray skies, snow, I think that gives other enchantement to everything!
I think you can see all of that trough my picture, or at least I hope you can.

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3 comentários

  1. Acabámos de descobrir o teu blog, e é absolutamente delicioso, já estamos apaixonadas, e por isso temos que avisar, que durante uns tempos não vamos sair daqui ;)

    Tens fotos, maravilhosas, e Gdansk parece mesmo uma cidade muito bonita!

    @ 104

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