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 Hello blog world!

What is like to be an Erasmus student? Well so far so amazingly good! 
It's amazing how people that you never thought you know became such an amazing friends and family for the period of time you are off home.
An as an architecture student it's pretty weird just having classes two times a week, not that I'm complaning... it's just... WEIRD! 

I don't know about you (every time I make this sentece I remember Taylor Swift song, and now it's stuck in my head, sorry if it happened the same to you, ahaha) but in Portugal the change of snowing is almost NULE, and I'm one of those persons that always wanted to live where snows everyday and if it's winter all year... even perfect!
This to say that, here in Poland "winter is coming" and today is the first day that is snowing, and while I'm working for university I'm able to enjoy this amazing pleasure of life. 
OH! And of course Christmas songs are already playing in my room!!

 Are you like this?

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