Rome Alone(s)

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 Hello Beauty Pies!

This past summer me and my friends went to Rome for a week (or something like that) so here I let you with some pictures.
It was hot as hell and the city was full of foreign people... Beside that it's an amazing city, with a lot of history and iconic places to visit.
(And you also have time to get sick, right girls? YES, I DID IT! I got sick in Rome, yay or nay. Worst day of my life... but I have the most perfect friend's, they even gave me food on my mouth, help me, call the doctor and take care of me, THANK YOU!!)
It was an amazing journey we had a lot of fun and also met some "friends for life" (or not, kidding).

Hope you like to "travel with us" from here.

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  1. Eu também fui a Roma este verão! O calor era insuportááááááável, acho que nunca tive tanto calor na minha vida :p

    É mesmo uma cidade bonita, se pudesse voltava lá :D

    The Pineapple Spot