15 Day Challenge ♥ - #5

by - 7:47 AM

♥ Day 5: Something you have afraid of.
This is a very difficult question but... I know that someday it will happens, and I just can't think about it because I can't even imagine my life without THEM, my parent's(Mom I know you're reading this, please don't you dare to cry! but I know you'll and for that I'm sorry....)

I know that everything that births eventually dies, and that is the cycle of life but I just can't imagine my world without them. I fight each other, we get mad with each other, and my mom really have to "take" with me and my dad (we are kinda off a pain in the ass sometimes just because we're both very stubborn, sorry mom).
But, taking that a part they are my family, my parents, and the ones that I LOVE THE MOST!

So... Mom... Dad... Stay with me as long as you can!

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