Beautiful Portugal, Sintra Secrets #2

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Casa do Preto, Sintra, Portugal.
Palácio da Pena, Sintra, Portugal.

Hello Beauty Pies!
It's Tuesday Beautiful Portugal day post.

Today we are going to Sintra!

On the first image you can see one of the typical sweets from Sintra, it calls "Queijadas de Sintra" it's absolutely amazing, crunchy and jelly and at the same time you can taste the most incredible flavor of them.

On the second image you have one of the icons of this city, "Palácio da Pena".
The Palace it's at the top of a mountain (as you can see at the horizontal picture, but the monument that is on the picture it's the "Castelo dos Mouros" not the Palace).
On the top of the Palace you have the most amazing views, you can see Sintra, Lisbon etc.

But, be very carefully the day that you chose to visit because most of the time there are a lot of fog.

Hope you like it, and have plans to go there!

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3 comentários

  1. Que saudades de Sintra... é uma cidade linda :)

    Sem Jeito Nenhum Blog

  2. Que fotografias tão lindas, e as primeiras deliciosas ;)

  3. Olha só para aquelas queijadas! I found your blog via a norwegian blogger (eirin kristiansen) that i read all the time and i just randomly saw a comment from you and i had to check your blog. I actually live in Leiria! And i LOOOOVE queijadas de Sintra, but rarely get to eat them! :-(

    u can check out my blog :-)