15 Day Challenge ♥

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Hello Beauty Pies!
I wanna share with you my very first challenge here on the blog.
Hope you follow my challenge and if you want you can also do it, by left a comment below or do it on your blog. I will love to follow your challenge to.

Starting tomorrow.

♥ Day 1: Your cellphone.
♥ Day 2: 10 facts about you that anyone knows.
♥ Day 3: A picture of taken today.
♥ Day 4: A image of you're self as a child.
♥ Day 5: Something you have afraid of.
♥ Day 6: A celebrity look a like.
♥ Day 7: Your favorite food.
♥ Day 8: A picture of you three years ago.
♥ Day 9: Your worst habit.
♥ Day 10: Your opinion about you're body.
♥ Day 11: What's in your bag.
♥ Day 12: A place you'll like to visit or move in to it.
♥ Day 13: 5 things you'll like to do.
♥ Day 14: Something or someone you miss.
♥ Day 15: Your room.

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