15 Day Challenge ♥ - #2

by - 3:46 AM

♥ Day 2: 10  facts about you that anyone knows.

1.  Love to work and study while I listen classic music.
2.  When I was younger I dreamed about being a "prima ballerina".
3.  I'm afraid of  butterflies.
4.  I have a "teddy bear" that comes with me everytime I'm far from home.
5.   I drink tea, Quite Nights from Lipton, every nights.
6.  I dream about living in NYC.
7.   I'm lactose intolerant.
8.   Everytime I went to Starbucks I always end drinking the same, White Moca with soya milk.
9.   Every morning I'm the most grumpy and moody person. 
10.   I call my cellphone my boyfriend name, André.

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  1. Baba catching up on your blog!! love it!! yay!! white mocha with soy milk is the best!!!! thanks randi hahaha :D <3 keep up the good work! love you!!