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H e l l o o o o o

I have a huge crush on planner's, first because I like to me really organize and second because most of them are just the most adorable thing that existes in the world, like the Lilly Pulitzers agendas, the Emily Ley, Kate Spade, etc. But there are also REALLY EXPENSIVE so this year I decided to make my own one. 
I did everything at home except the transparent cover and put the black spirals on it, that means I only spend more or less 3€, yey!!! 
I choose the black and gold theme, my monogram for the cover, and in the begin of which month I choose some inspiration quotes that I took from Pinterest. In the end I also add a "blogger" space so I can write ideas, what to post in what day, etc.

So here is the result, what do you guys think?

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5 comentários

  1. Wow, adorei mesmo o resultado! FIcou muito bonito, parabéns :D

  2. Tens de me dizer que tipo de programa usaste para fazer o layout do planner :)

    1. Olá Marta,
      O programa que utilizei para fazer o layout foi o photoshop.

    2. Obrigada querida :) beijinho