k e e p . c a l m . i' m . m o v i n g .

by - 10:39 AM

hello beauty pies.

It's been a while but have some BIG BIG news for all of you guys. The true is... I got in in a new University, UBI, Universidade da Beira Interior at Covilhã. 
That means I left everything behind back in Lisbon. I moved out, I left mom, dad, Poo and André behind, I moved to a new city,  I moved to my own apartment. But I'm really thankful for this opportunity because I think that everything happens for a reason and this is my opportunity. So... let's do this!

How about you guys? New university, already leave alone? Any advices for a rookie?
Oh, and I you guy's want I can share some pictures from my house.

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