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 The view from our room, at the Hostel 
 When you don't have nothing to do so you snap you're friend's stupid faces
 The breakfast cliché photo, ahaha
 The city center, at Ericeira

hey hey!
Finally I'am back. Well I already finish my classes a while ago but I needed time to recover... Ahaha. But now, I'm here for good.
Summer, summer, summer.. isn't it all about festivals, beach, hot, get tan and enjoy life?

Well truth is that this is my last summer as a student, and that means that it's the goodbye to looooong summer vacations.
But, let's not think about that for now. I have so many news to share with you, some are still "secret" so people don't jinx my life. But as soon as I can share with you, I will!

But as I was saying, for all you know Sumol Summer Fest is in Ericiera and it's one of the many summer festivals here in Portugal. Me and M. won tickets for both days so all we need to reserve was the hostel and we stand at the "Chill and Hill Hostel"!

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