Beautiful Portugal, Feira da Ladra e Panteão Nacional, #5

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Hello Beauty Pies!

It's been a while since I post a "Beautiful Portugal" post. And this is the first one this year. The last weekend I went to both of the places that I'm going to show you. Hope you like it!

 "Feira da Ladra" it's known as a market where you can buy used objects, antiques, etc. This market happens every Tuesday's and Saturday's.

Near by "Feira da Ladra" you can also visit the Nacional Pantheon also known as "Igreja de Santa Engrácia". The price of the visit it's only 3€, and in my opinion those euros will be the best 3€ that you going to spend!!
One more reason to visit Portugal!

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2 comentários

  1. Fica aqui mesmo ao pé de casa =). São 3€ bem gastos, é verdade, mas aos domingos de manhã não se paga nada!

  2. temos de combinar uma ida á feira da ladra!