MASCARAS, that I use on my everyday makeup - kind off creepy pictures.

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Hello beauties!

How was your day today?
Mine was ok and calm.

In this post I wanna share with you the mascaras that I use (if your in Portugal you can find this products at WELLS, the "pharmacy" of Continente).
First of all I DON'T CURL my lashes I just apply both of the mascaras.
- The blue one it's from Catrice, it's a waterproof mascara (it's true I did try it) and I use it on my lower lashes.
- The black one from Essence, and I use it on my upper lashes, I just love the way my lashes stay.
They both stay almost all day, at least in me.

Sorry for the quality of all pictures, but that's what I've got.


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