I'm not happy all the time but... I TRY!

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Hello beauty pies!

This post I'm gonna write in my opinion it's one of the most personal one.
This year, I'm only gonna do my second semester, on my third year at college and I though it would be more fun, but... I was wrong! I feel like I was "left behind", everyone is so busy, and I don't have nothing to do and when I have all I wanna do it's stay at home...
Because suddenly college end's, then summer, and now... nothing.
Praying that I "don't forget" how to be an architecture student!!! 

So today I decided that no matter what I have to do something, and enjoy the free time that I have with the one that I love the most, because in March my life it's gonna be like hell!!

And never ever forget that I at least have to SMILE EVERY SINGLE DAY!


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