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Hello beauties!
So I do love some guru youtuber's and I really liked the "Colors of the Rainbow TAG" so I thought I could try to do my own.
So where I left you my beauty products, hair products and fashion products to you.

- Red
- Orange
- Yellow
- Green
- Blue
- Indigo
- Violet
- Pink
- Multicolored.

- For the RED color, my favorite toothpaste from Colgate.
- For the ORANGE color, my very best friend on those cold days of winter from Primark.
- For the YELLOW color, my current shampoo, actually I'm not sure if I like it because my hair it's so dumb and sometimes the shampoo left my hair so straight with no volume (and that's happening with this new shampoo, so I think I will not buy it again), from Garnier.
- For the GREEN color, my favorite kind of serum that lefts my hair ends bright and beautiful, love it! From Herbal Essence.
- For the BLUE color, the flats that I currently obsessed, from H&M.
- For the INDIGO color, one of my favorite t-shirts for the summer, I love the color, and the fact that she is so smooth. From Mango.
- For the VIOLET color, my blanket that keep me warm while I'm working/studying at home, from Area. 
- For the PINK color, it's my Bubble Gum lip scrub, love love love this products. Smells great and taste even better. From Lush.
- For the MULTICOLORED color, I chose one of my favorite dresses that I bought last year and I din't wear it as many as I thought I would. From Pull&Bear.


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