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The last weekend, friday, saturday and sunday (yesterday), I was in Stockholm with two more friends. When you're searching places to go and see that to go an to come back from Poland, Katowice to Sweden, Stockholm it's only 18€ you just have to enjoy this opportunity!

It's one hell of a city! I walked a lot, but in the end it worth every km. (I'll make a post later with more pictures of the city and to talk about all the thing's that we saw, where we went and all of those things) but for now I leave you with some picture from an amazing coffee place that we went called "Visit Djurgarden" it was so cold and we're so tired that the coffee turns to be even better.  

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2 comentários

  1. lindo! também quero lá dar um saltinho, já que estou tao perto também.

    Moi by Inês

  2. In love with your pics!
    I would love to visit Stockholm one day =)

    Sophie // The Tomorrow at Dawn