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hello beauties, long time no seen

it's true it's been while since the last time that I ever post something. so i post this first picture on my instagram and a lovely follower ask me to talk about this here.

the one on the top was a diy project that i made and shared with you here on the blog, the other was a gift from a friend.

so if there is something that i love is to be really, seriously really organize... so... yes, i do have two planners and i do use both, one for my everyday stuff and the other it's more a personal one, like write something about my day, how it was... stuff like that.

how about you? are you like me? or are you a phone calendar person?

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  1. Adorei as agendas, são super queridas, infelizmente nunca encontro nada de jeito!
    Something Contemporary,