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h e l l o - m y - b e a u t y - p i e s 

The best thing about fall and winter (at least for me) are the rainy and cold days, they are my favorites. 
With some comfy socks, some homemade cookies and a cup of "love" it could be a cup of milk, hot cocoa, hot tea or even coffee.
So here in Covilhã it's been a all day rainy day so... I decided to make cookies and share with you guys. And don't really have the recipe because I just add stuff after stuff. 

But I can give you the ingredients and here they are:
- Nutella;
- Oat;
- 1 egg;
- Cinnamon;
- Salt.

Hope you like, and I just have to say one more thing THEY ARE SO NHAMI the cinnamon gaves an extra good flavor.

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