20 things about me

by - 3:43 PM

1. My favorite time of the year it's the winter

2. I'm a Starbucks addicted

3. I absolutely hate broccoli's 

4. I'm a coffee morning/all day person

5. I can't wait to have my own babies 

6. When I feel comfortable around you, you will probably think I am a complete weirdo. Weird is good though right?

7. I can appear quite shy when I first meet people, but very quickly warm up

8.  My biggest dream it's living in NYC

9. I collect bottles of water, from all over the world

10. I love going to a Mc Donald's and ask for a Happy Meal

11. I'm an architecture student

12. I have plenty of allergies (including food and trees and flowers and…)

13. I'm addicted to chocolat

14. Every time I go on a trip I ALWAYS pay extra luggage 

15. I love christmas and christmas movies

16. I sing all the time when I'm alone but would never properly sing in front of anyone. 

17. Always saying to myself I'm gonna be a healthy person but most of the times I give up.

18. I'm scared of butterflies 

19. I cry If I see a abandoned animal on the street

20. I love rainy day's

Hope you liked this slightly more personal blog post this evening! I'd seen lot's of other bloggers doing this so thought i'd do it too. I'd love to hear 20 facts about you aswell. 


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