S O M E T H I N G - N E W

by - 4:21 AM

Hello world!
I know I know, once again I've been away for a long time, so true. But once again you guys all know how hard and try not to be lazy it is. Sorraaay.
Well first of all hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and second of all I wish you a Happy (almost) New Year.
Third point just wanna share with you some new "goodies" that my parents gave me for Christmas. 

Btw, I'll try not to be this "away from you".

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  1. Replies
    1. Olá Marta!
      A cor é Matte Viva Glam III.

      Love love kiss kiss, M.

  2. Gostei da cor! Um pouco escura mas muito diferente!
    Like it!
    Adorei o teu blog*
    Passa pelo meu e espreita o novo post*
    Bom ano!
    xx, A Be-atriz