. a - l i t t l e - o f - M T V . E M A - a t - G l a s g o w

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so... here are some pictures of the MTV EMA at Glasgow. as you all know i won a competition, and the winner would won a trip for two, with the plane ride ticket, the hotel, the red carpet experience, some products from essence, the ticket to watch the MTV EMA, and a afterparty ticket. 
and i went with one of my very best friends, Micaela. we had so much fun that you can't even imagine.
i  add  the pictures that we took at the red carpet, add some pictures from the after party and also add a picture of what i used on the show. 

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2 comentários

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Tens uma foto com o Ed! AAHHHHHHH! Tenho tantos ciumes neste momento! Estavas super bonita*


    1. Ahaha, tenho sim. Tirar uma foto com o Ed era o meu ÚNICO objectivo da noite... E CONSEGUIIII!!!!
      Obrigada, beijinhos querida